Die Cutting

In addition to manufacturing steel rule dies, HDI offers die cutting services to enhance your business capabilities. Utilize HDI for your die cutting projects and we'll make sure your requirements are met.

HDI teams with other companies that have in-house die cutting operations. We can run your over capacity, expedited, or challenging orders that do not fit into your typical production schedule. We treat your material like it was our own.

You can be assured your order will be completed to your specifications within the time you need it. Feel free to contact HDI for all your die cutting needs. We're here to help you be successful!

Some of the materials we can die cut:
● Plastic
● Foam
● Rubber
● Corrugated Plastic and Packaging
● Fabric
● Paper
● Leather
● Filter Material
● Adhesives
● Magnetic Material
● Gasket Material
● Chipboard
● Vinyl
● Felt
● Labels
● Cork
● Insulation
● Films

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